Books which have been banned in Colombia

Por Ferney Rodríguez

Since 1988 there is an International Book Fair taking place in Bogotá: a space where it is possible to obtain thousands of volumes both in Spanish and in other languages. The city also has abundant bookshops, including second-hand ones, and there is always the chance to rely on online purchases. It was not always thus

Report: Status of Secularism in Colombia

Por Jorge Gonzalez

The chief purpose of publishing ‘Status of Secularism in Colombia (2010 – 2017)’ is to compile in a single instrument all the available information related to the church/state separation stage in Colombia. This publication aims at providing precise and trustworthy reference sources to researchers, journalists, defenders of secularism and human rights, agencies, organisations, institutions and affiliates.

10 razones por las cuales los Ateos lo hacen mejor

Por Jorge Gonzalez

Traducción de realizada por Angelo Martinelli A pesar de que el número exacto es difícil de precisar, un estimado del 13% del mundo se identifica como Ateo. Mientras que el creer o no creer en un dios es una decisión personal compleja, hay un cuerpo creciente de evidencia que indica algunos beneficios de ser…